Plug-in Embedded Module

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Plug-in embedded module physically adopts 70pin outlet mode for connection to support broadband data, voice and trunking services simultaneously and provide unified solutions for wireless voice, trunking and data. The module can be expanded to 6 UART interfaces, and the storage capacity can be expanded to 64M. It can integrate with devices like DAE, vehicle-mounted terminals and video surveillance. The built-in TCP/IP protocol, AT command set and voice interface facilitate the secondary development by partners.


- Adopt plug-in interface to facilitate third-party development;
- Support broadband data, voice, trunking and other services;
- Provide various interfaces, including audio, LCD, keyboard, UART, USB, SSI, etc.;
- Built-in TCP/IP protocol, available as a layer-3 device, and IP address can be automatically obtained and connected;
- Built-in AT command set;
- Provide wake-up and waken-up control interface;
- Uplink and downlink maximum throughput of 1.6Mbps;
- Industrial-grade chip.


- Operation frequency: 1785MHz~1805MHz;
- RF bandwidth: 1MHz;
- Maximum transmitted power: 24±2dBm;
- Receiver sensitivity: -105dBm;
- Maximum transmission rate: 1.6 Mbps (two-way);
- UART interface specifications: support 9pin UART, able to be expanded to 4 external UART interfaces;
- UART interface rate: 9.6k/19.2k/38.4k/57.6k/115.2kbit/s (AT command interface);
- Power consumption: 1.6W;
- Dimensions: 53mm×42mm×5.7mm;
- Operation temperature: -30℃~+60℃.



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