Baseband Chip

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Baseband SOC chip COMIP (Communication Oriented Multi-type Information Processor) is the first communication-oriented integrated information processing chip. It was awarded Certificate of Major Technological Invention in Information Industry in 2008 and has realized a complete and independent technical system ranging from standard and algorithm to hardware circuit and system software.

- Adopt CMOS technology with high performance and low power consumption;
- 0.18-micron technology;
- ARM and DSP dual-core processor;
- Support external memories with large capacity like SRAM/SDRAM/FLASH;
- Support UART, GPIO, SSI, JTAG and other interfaces;
- Contain voice Codec, auxiliary AD/DA and high-speed ADDA with I/Q channels;
- Built-in McWiLL® and GSM accelerated algorithm module. All modules can be shut down separately to enter power saving mode;
- 256-LFBGA lead-free package.


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