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Customer Service Center

Xinwei is equipped with a Customer Service Center providing customers with product delivery, technical advice and technical support services. Headquartered in Beijing, the Center consists of six regional offices with nearly a hundred resident field engineers whose services cover the entire China. Meanwhile, there are sites in Asia, Africa, Europe, North America, Oceania and other regions where the engineers can provide quality and efficient services for local users.

The project implementation of equipment provided by Xinwei consists of product delivery and post-delivery services. Product delivery mainly includes network planning, hardware installation, commissioning opening, project acceptance and other sub-processes, while post-delivery services mainly include technical consulting, technical support, customer training, upgrade/cutover, troubleshooting, equipment repair, spare part support, etc.

I. Project Delivery Service

Xinwei offers customized system equipment services for customers including network planning, engineering survey, equipment installation, installation supervision, commissioning, etc., which can be chosen by customers according to their overall strength and needs.

1. Engineering services: Xinwei is responsible for the whole process of delivery including network planning, engineering survey, equipment installation, installation supervision and commissioning of the project.
2. Supervision services: Customers are responsible for equipment installation, while Xinwei provides installation supervision and other delivery services.
3. Customized services: The project has no delivery process. Xinwei provides customized services according to customer needs.

II. Post-delivery Services
Xinwei can provide telephone counseling services, remote telephone support services, remote access services, on-site technical services, emergency troubleshooting services, software patches services, training services, equipment inspection services, hardware maintenance, emergency spare part services, room unattended services and other services. Customers buy these services on demand selectively.
1. Telephone support services: While coming across thorny technical problems in maintaining equipments, customers can return to Xinwei for help via phone, fax and E-mail. After receiving service requests, Xinwei’s Customer Service Center will respond within the response time prescribed by the service grade in the protocol via telephone support service, and then grade the breakdown according to breakdown details, and finally help customers locate the breakdown, come up with solutions and guide them in troubleshooting.
2. Remote support services: With respect to the problems unable to be solved via telephone support services, upon customers’ permission, Xinwei will log in the system of customers via remote terminal within the response time prescribed by the service grade in the protocol to investigate and collect date, find problems and ultimately guide field maintenance personnel in troubleshooting.  
3. Field support services: With respect to the problems unable to be solved via telephone support services and remote support services, Xinwei will arrange experienced technical support engineers to analyze the problems on site, figure out solutions, and finally shoot the troubles. Meanwhile, Xinwei will provide field training, equipment inspection and equipment room guard services according to customers’ needs.

According to the complexity of service equipment failures, Xinwei offers three-level troubleshooting service system, respectively network engineers in regional offices, technical support engineers, and R&D engineers.

When informed of customer equipment failures, network maintenance engineers in regional offices will check equipment operation through network management system in no time according to customers' fault description, identify breakdown reasons preliminarily and tackle the problem as soon as possible. If unable to identify the fault within 2 hours, network maintenance engineers will request technical support engineers to cooperate in locating the problem. If technical support engineers still can’t provide solutions, R&D engineers will come to help in troubleshooting timely.

Xinwei establishes matrix customer service system to provide multi-level technical services. It has dedicated equipment, engineering vehicles, spare part warehouse to satisfy the diversified needs of large-scale wireless network construction, delivery and maintenance.

Xinwei establishes various service acceptance channels, through which customers can apply for services by phone, fax, e-mail and other means. Remote Technical Support Center will provide professional and convenient multi-channel technical support services.

24-hour technical support hotline: (010) 62802111/2114  Fax: (010) 62802299
Technical Support E-mail:

Service Philosophy
Xinwei Customer Service Center upholds “Proactive Service” philosophy to provide customers with“proficient, efficient and dedicated” technical services.

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