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Satisfy Customers with Our Services and Win Recognition with Supreme Quality


Recently, Beijing Xinwei Telecom Technology, Inc. (Beijing Xinwei) received several letters of appreciation from its customers.


In November 2015, Daqing Oilfield completed its Phase 1 construction of A11 Project (IOT of Oil and Gas Production) with Xinwei 4G broadband wireless multimedia trunking communication system. With outstanding expertise, rigorous working attitude and high-quality services, Beijing Xinwei project team was vital for project implementation. Wireless communication unit of Daqing Oilfield Information Technology Co., Ltd. praised Xinwei team in its letter of appreciation that the wireless communication technology of Xinwei effectively facilitated the information construction at Daqing Oilfield and the establishment of a stable and efficient wireless transmission network platform.


On 26 December 2015, Changsha Maglev Express completed its commissioning. During the implementation of Changsha Maglev Express communication system equipment procurement (2nd bid) project, the project department of Beijing Xinwei Telecom Technology, Inc. overcame various difficulties in engineering construction to ensure successful project delivery. As the general design and construction contractor of Changsha Maglev Express, China Railway Construction Co., Ltd.’s project department wrote in its letter of appreciation that “The project department of your company helped to achieve smooth project implementation with its safe, efficient and high-quality services. We are deeply impressed by your technical skills and excellent engineering services, which was also highly recognized by our clients.”


All these letters highlighted Beijing Xinwei’s efforts and achievements in government and enterprise private networks, industrial direct sales and system integration.


Beijing Xinwei is now transforming from a traditional equipment manufacturer to an integrated service provider offering both equipment and network operation services. Xinwei people will maintain our “Customer First, Service-oriented” guiding principle, and provide customers with high-quality services and technologies.

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