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President Wang Jing Visited Staff of Chongqing Xinwei


On 16 September 2014, days before National Day holiday, Wang Jing, President and Chairman of Xinwei Telecom Enterprise Group, visited Chongqing Xinwei Telecom Technology, Inc. (hereinafter referred to as “Chongqing Xinwei”). During his visit, President Wang Jing was briefed on Chongqing Xinwei’s production and operation situation, and had a cordial talk with front-line staff. He also issued important instructions in respect of equipment upgrade and employee benefits improvement, etc.


President Wang Jing attached great importance to the operation of Chongqing Xinwei. During his conversation with the management and employees of Chongqing Xinwei, President Wang Jing indicated, “Due to the rapid development of our business, Chongqing Xinwei is now at a crucial stage and overloaded with production tasks. Noting that Chongqing Xinwei is the lifeline of the Group’s production and manufacture, we must consolidate the business foundation of Xinwei in a down-to-earth manner. The Group will continue to increase its support for Chongqing Xinwei, invest high-quality resources for equipment update, and improve employee benefits, so as to share with our staff the success and fortune brought about by our thriving business.”


Recalling the past, President Wang Jing said, “When I came to Chongqing Xinwei for the first time in 2010, I envisaged a bright future of Xinwei with all of you. Four years have passed, and we have fulfilled our commitment with staged achievements. Our accomplishments would be impossible without the joint efforts of our staff at Chongqing Xinwei. Your dedication is highly appreciated by all Xinwei people.”


Anticipating a promising outlook, President Wang Jing pointed out, “We need to constantly reflect on a number of issues including how to retain the achievements over the past few years, how to transform today’s success into a solid foundation for future growth, and how to improve our operation as a listed company. Only by finding solutions to the issues above can we maintain the energy and vigor of Xinwei Group and march forward ceaselessly. I hope that all of you can unite as one, fulfill the tasks assigned by the Group with high quality output, and deliver excellent products and services to our customers. I also hope that each of you can keep an innovative mind and continuously contribute to the development of Xinwei Group.”


President Wang Jing Listened to the Work Reports of Chongqing Xinwei


President Wang Jing Inspected the Production Line at Chongqing Xinwei


President Wang Jing Had a Cordial Exchange with Staff of Chongqing Xinwei

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